Star Wars: Fellowship of the Force

The beginning

Star Wars Saga Edition game log
Fellowship of the Force
Written on 7/10/2012 (roughly a year after the game started)
_ This game takes place during the Legacy Era, around 140 years after the Battle of Yavin. For all of you that read the Legacy comics, this game specifically takes place shortly after the devastation of Mon Calamari. That event kind of forms the backbone for the early quests the PCs embark on. Note that I started my game sometime around the early summer of 2011, so the last volume of the comics didn’t come out (not until around Dec 2011 or Jan 2012). That was roughly a year after the previous volume came out, so the driving force behind a lot of what went on in my game was a result of the fact that my game took place late in the timeline late in the timeline of the Legacy Era comics, and I planned on utilizing the last volume of the comics and have the ending of my game coincide with that, but since I didn’t have that last volume I couldn’t have a definite idea of what direction my game would take. Therefore a lot of what I did was either to drag the game on (while still trying to make it fun) while at the same time leaving a lot open to adjust to the way the comics ended. The last thing I want is spoilers to what occurred in the comics so beware I may refer to events starting from the end of Vector (a crossover between different series of Star Wars comics, which, in Vector #2, includes part of Legacy) onwards.
_ Although the game started out well taking place on Saturdays, a year later (even before a year came and went) Saturdays doesn’t seem like a good day to play. I am basically trying to wrap my game up in two more sessions (it may run over more, depending on how the PCs approach the situations and how quickly they get through things). Game has been cancelled a lot lately but other than that I am pleased overall with how my game has gone.
_ The premise of my game is that the PCs all play a force user from an alternate force tradition that is neither Jedi nor Sith. If you read the Saga Edition books there are so many other force traditions that I wanted to utilize them. I thought about how to implement such a game and then it occurred to me. The books often mention how, during the dark times, Emperor Palpatine’s minions (a lot of whom were force users, though they were not a part of the Sith tradition) went after other force traditions after the jedi were (mostly) eliminated. The force traditions that were not targeted were still affected by the destruction of the jedi order so much that they were apprehensive about the same thing occurring to them (see the book Fate of the Jedi: Outcast). Therefore, when the new Sith order reveals itself in 130 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin, referring to the destruction of the Death Star in the first Star Wars film, Star Wars: A New Hope) the alternate force traditions are a bit suspicious. Two of these traditions, the Baron Do Sages (see Fate of the Jedi: Outcast as well as the Saga ed. RPG sourcebook The Jedi Academy Training Manual) and the Jal Shey (see the Saga ed. RPG sourcebook Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Setting) are in the best position to gather the other force traditions. The Baron Do Sages are adept at using the force to foresee the future (usually for their home planet, but not just limited to that), while the Jal Shey have been studying other force traditions for thousands of years and know very well how bad it is for the galaxy to be under the control of the Sith. When the Sith reveal themselves the Jal Shey and the Baron Do Sages come together to pool their knowledge (secretly, without the Sith knowing) to decide how to react to the situation at hand.
_ Since the Sith are occupied fighting an opposed Empire under the imperial knights (still under the control of the Fel dynasty) and fighting off remnants of the Jedi (which the sith launched a sneak attack against, though that was only against the new jedi HQ at Ossus, though jedi located elsewhere in the galaxy went into hiding, and since they were not spread out thin like during the Clone Wars they were able to keep in touch with secret communications and became kind of like a secret society) the Sages and Jal Shey assumed that they were safe from the Sith, at least for the time being. However, after the devastation of Mon Calamari they realized that nobody in the Galaxy was safe from the sith. They were frightened, but they had one thing going for them: the atrocity at Mon Calamari made others feel unsafe as well. The Baron Do Sages and the Jal Shey had been doing some information gathering before Mon Calamari’s plight, and upon researching the Sith they unearthed information revealing that Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine were Sith. Not only this, but Darth Vader was Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who was the chosen one (which will have importance, which I will explain later on). During the Legacy Era it is not clear what the history books teach the children regarding the Sith and Palpatine. However, force users have the force on their side, and the Baron Do Sages and Jal Shey know that if they disseminate information to other force traditions, they will search their feelings and seek guidance in the force to follow the appropriate course of action. Therefore, the two force traditions went on a campaign to call other force traditions to a secret meeting on Mandalore, and included in that message is a request to bring any able-bodied combatants that those other force traditions are willing to utilize to fight the Sith. The Baron Do Sages use their foresight to foresee if any of those other force traditions are willing to betray them to the sith order, but the force told them to go forth with the meeting. So the meeting occurs and enter the PCs.
_ The PCs never actually overheard the majority of what went on in that meeting. They were goofing off in the back of the meeting room. … (more info to come)

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