_This campaign is now over. I am not currently running a game so I am still keeping this game as part of my campaigns until I run a new one. But I have to say that it was a great run. It started around late spring / early summer of 2011 and ended in early summer 2012. It was the first game I ran that actually had a real ending. It wasn’t until about one or two months earlier that I played in a game that had an ending. In the fourteen years that I have been role-playing since 1998 that game was the first that I played in that had an ending. Before that all other games just abruptly ended, either because people couldn’t make sessions, there was a TPK (total party knockout), or people just lost interest. So the only two games that I have been in (as a GM or a player) that had an ending occurred within two months of each other. I have to say it feels good to run a game where everything wrapped up in the end (unlike all previous games I ran).
_This game was run using the Star Wars Saga Edition rules. I had all fourteen books for the edition. I have a few house rules, but otherwise I stuck to the rules. The campaign log is still being updated. Please be patient.

Star Wars: Fellowship of the Force